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GECO Group, synonymous with excellence among hydraulic rams and hydraulic rams manufacturers, embodies a legacy built on strong values since its foundation in 1977. Specializing initially in manufacturing stone crushers, the group has seamlessly adapted to industrial changes and met growing demands over the past four decades. GECO Group is recognized for providing a diverse range of services to various industries, showing its commitment to innovation and quality.


In a move towards globalization and exploring into the rapidly growing Asian market, a significant joint venture was established in the year 2015. This collaboration brought together the expertise of Bicelli S.R.L, an Italy and the established GECO Group. This partnership marked their positions as dynamic hydraulic ram manufacturers and suppliers on an international scale.

Geco Group
The Dynamic Partner Bicelli S.R.L

Bicelli S.R.L

Bicelli S.R.L, the dynamic partner in this venture, takes its origin back to 1968 when Leonello founded it as a small mechanical workshop. Over the years, Bicelli has evolved into a European competitor, particularly in the design and production of custom-made cylinders. As an integral part of the collaboration, Bicelli contributes its extensive experience and capabilities, enhancing the overall knowledge of GECO Group in the area of hydraulic ram manufacturing and supply. Together, they stand at the top of innovation, meeting the demands of diverse industries with excellence.

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